Jamie Goldberg, MS, E-RYT, LAPC

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your emotions, and wish you could take a step back? Are you anxious, depressed, or feeling tension in your relationships? Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person, but struggle to feel that way in a moment of distress? Feeling disconnected from your body can cause you to feel intense anxiety, can worsen depression, and can deepen your pain. I want to help you gain control during those hard times, times that may feel as if they will never end. Grounding yourself in the feelings in your body, you can connect to your authentic self and alleviate your suffering. I am a certified yoga instructor and therapist, and I am passionate about helping clients learn the mindfulness skills to cope with life’s challenges.


The tools I’ll provide you with will help you to connect to your whole self, mind and body. I help clients with a blended approach through the use of yoga, mindfulness techniques, and person-centered therapy. We will start with a breath, a tool to become aware of your body and help you begin to relax. We will move into gentle yoga poses to help you feel more stable and grounded. Mindfulness can assist you in gaining mastery over your thoughts, which can help put you back on course to a happier life.


I believe that within each of us there exists a huge capacity for growth. Whatever may have happened in your life, you at your core are good and whole. There is nothing that has happened before this moment that should prevent you from living the meaningful life that you deserve. Send me a message at jamie@balanceandpotential.com, or call me for a free phone consultation. I look forward to speaking with you.


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