Family Therapy

You are sick of the fighting.

Some days, it feels like your household in a warzone.  Things are chaotic, loud and family interactions are filled with conflict.  Other days, it feels like everyone’s living completely separate lives from one another.  Everyone goes about their own business not even talking to one another.
Many of the arguments that come up are the same arguments rehashed over and over again. Sometimes, it feels like there’s no point in even talking about it.

Your family feels disconnected.

This isn’t how you pictured your family.  The constant bickering.  The disrespect.  Losing your own cool and regretting things you say.  The truth is, no one happy being around each other.
You want to feel close to your teen again.  You want to feel like a family again.  However, sometimes it’s easier to just let everyone do their own thing.  You’re not even sure where to start repairing things.
You miss your child.  You live in the same house, but it feels like they’re a different person.  Something needs to change, but you aren’t sure what.

Families and teenagers are different than they once were.

Bored teenage girls sitting on sofa using their mobile phones experiencing teenage depression | Family Therapist in Atlanta, GA 30022

Historically, parents have relied on their own memories of what it was like to be a teenager. Or, they learned what a family looks like from living with their own childhood. However, times have changed, childhood doesn’t look the same as it once did. You did not have the technology your children now have access to. And, the stressors you faced are different than what your child is experiencing now.

Teens are under an enormous amount of stress these days. But, it’s a different type of stress than teens experienced in the past.  They are constantly bombarded with “noise” coming at them in the form of social media, news stories, phone calls, and texts.  Furthermore, they don’t get a break.  The things causing them stress at school follow them home.
There is a constant need for parents to watch what they say and do on social media.  Any misspoken words are now written in stone. And, a simple screenshot from a friend makes their mistakes widely known.  Bullying used to happen at school. But it can now take place 24/7 because teens have access to technology. This means your teen never gets a break.  Add in constant media coverage of mass shootings and other negative events, and it’s clear the world our teens are growing up in is hard.

You may not know how to give your child the support they need

Your teen doesn’t get much support to help them develop healthy coping skills to handle these stressors.  Their school does a great job teaching math, science, and even art.  However, few teens have access to classes that teach the coping skills that help with the stress they face at school or online.

These stressors start to impact your family life and your teen begins acting out in a way that’s hurting the entire family. But, you aren’t sure where to begin.  How can you help your teen navigate these rough years?  How can you keep your own cool?  Is it possible to feel connected as a family again?

Is it time for family therapy?

If your family has gotten off course, a family therapist can help.  At Balance and Potential, our family therapists help all types of families living in the Atlanta area move through difficult moments.  The truth is, if you are reading this page on family counseling, it is for a reason.  A trained mental health professional can give you and your family the guidance you need to get back on track and moving forward.

Common reasons families come to family therapy

In our Alpharetta, GA counseling office, we see all types of families.  In fact, every family comes in for different reasons.  Each member of the family has a different concern. And everyone has a different idea of what they’d like to get out of family counseling.  

A few of the issues that often bring families to our counseling office include:

  • Teen vaping or substance abuse
  • Difficulties with managing technology use
  • Constant fighting, arguing, and disrespect
  • A child or teen is acting out
  • Escalations that damage relationships
  • Problems in school
  • Parents struggling to be on the same page
  • Grief and loss
  • Adjusting to major life changes such as a big move or parent deployment
  • Blending families
  • Difficulty communicating
Our family therapists will help you define the problem and set common goals to address in counseling.

I’m not sure talking about these things will even help. Why should we try family counseling at Balance and Potential?

You may worry that if you come to family counseling it will be another place to argue. But, in front of another person.  It’s important to know that our therapists aren’t here to be a witness to your arguments.  Rather, we want to help your family learn new ways to relate to one another and solve the problem.

You will gain insight into the problems tearing your family apart right now.

Happy African American Mother And Teen Daughter sitting on couch in therapists office reconnecting as a family | Family Therapy with a teen counselor in Atlanta, GA 30022

Family counseling may start with working together to find recurring themes in behaviors and feelings. With your therapist’s help, your family will begin to get to the root of the issues causing conflict in your family.  You will not rehash the same argument over and over again.
You will talk through the issues.  Sometimes, this part involves homework. This will help you to help identify patterns in behaviors and your arguments.  Each member of the family may be asked to track certain things to help you understand what’s causing the problem. You will then identify areas to work on as a family.

Family therapy helps everyone feel heard and respected

You’ll learn new coping skills to use when things get stressful, and communication skills to help rebuild your family relationships.
At Balance and Potential, our therapists do more than help you understand each other’s point of view.  Our therapists also help you learn specific new strategies for interacting with one another, coping with stress, and de-escalating when tension starts to build.
Most of our therapists take a DBT informed approach to family therapy. They provide specific strategies and guidance to help parents help their teens thrive in this complex world. They help improve communication, rebuild relationships, and help you and your child learn how to respond during extremely stressful situations.  We will teach you specific DBT skills that will help you provide your teen with the support, love, and guidance that they ultimately need to mature, grow, and thrive.
As a family, you’ll begin to validate one another, learn to be present in any given moment, cope with stress, regulate your emotions, and interact with one another in a way that’s not only respectful but effective.  We’ll help you clarify expectations, express your own needs and wants and help make sure everyone’s needs are met as much as possible.

Family counseling can help your family reconnect & move forward.

Mother and son roller skating on city street after family therapy in Alpharetta, GA | Child & Family Therapists near Atlanta, GA 30022

Family therapy can help you find healing again as a family.  But, after you’ve participated in family counseling sessions the world will not suddenly be all sunshine and rainbows.  Your children won’t be perfect.  Nor will your interactions be without stress.
The goal is for everyone to be able to interact with one another in a more healthy way.  Each member of the family will be more aware of how others think and feel.  Family members will be able to share what they need and want.  You can reach mutually agreed upon goals together, repair relationships, and strengthen your family bonds.  Most importantly, everyone will have practiced new skills to prevent escalations, arguments, and yelling.  It will be easier to balance being rational and calm with still acknowledging everyone’s feelings.
Family therapy can help you communicate effectively, and ask for what you want and need. It will give you the tools to improve your relationship with the people you love most.

Begin Family Therapy in the Atlanta area

Are you ready to begin communicating more effectively as a family and end the fighting? If so, family therapy at our counseling practice in Alpharetta, GA may be a good fit for you. To begin family therapy at Balance and Potential, follow these three steps:

  1. Contact our counseling office to set up an appointment or an initial free consultation
  2. Meet with one of our family therapists 
  3. Begin family therapy and find peace in your relationship with your loved ones!

Other Services offered at Balance and Potential Therapy in Alpharetta, GA

In addition to family therapy, our counseling clinic in the Atlanta area also offers individual Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)DBT skills classes for teens and adults, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), play therapy, therapy for depression, anxiety counseling, couples therapy, and mindfulness training.  Contact us to learn more about our other counseling services.

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