• Initial Intake Appointment
  • Assessment/Testing Evaluation
  • Psychotherapy, including
  • Individual DBT
  • DBT Classes
  • Play Therapy

All services at Balance & Potential begin with an Initial Intake Appointment (insurance CPT code 90791). Once you have scheduled your initial intake appointment, we will provide paperwork for your to bring to your appointment to help us understand your history. During the Initial Intake Appointment we collaborate with you and recommend a treatment plan.

Our recommendation may be to schedule an:

Assessment/Testing Evaluation,
or both.

The recommended type of psychotherapy may be Play Therapy, DBT or another type of therapy.

Who attends the initial intake appointment?

During the initial intake appointment, we will meet, discuss your needs, review your history and paperwork, and determine a plan. If the client is a minor, one or both of their parents attend the intake. Very young clients usually don’t attend the initial intake appointment; they wait to attend the second session once a plan has been determined. Adolescent age clients are encouraged to help determine their treatment plan and often attend the intake. However, please discuss this with us so we can determine what is best for your needs.

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